Britanico is a versatile team of stunt trainees and veteran action specialists, who provide a wide variety of action and acting for TV, film and live shows.
From highly trained martial artists, parkour experts and professional wrestlers, to military advisers, ex-servicemen and firearms experts, we are trained and qualified in an extraordinary range of skills that we have perfected for screen.
We are who qualified stunt coordinators use when they want highly skilled and independently-insured off-register performers, or large combat teams to enhance action scenes.
That’s because, unlike agencies, we don’t send hobbyists fresh off a weekend training course. We provide a close-knit team of experienced industry professionals, each with a unique and highly developed skillset, who have worked individually and as a group for hundreds of productions for over a decade.

Our Product

The Britanico team specialises in multiple fighting styles to help recreate a wide variety of historical and fictional characters for film and TV.

All team members are BSR trainees or independent stunt / action performers and are fully insured.

We will accept stunt contracts via qualified coordinators if they are required to hire off register performers.

We perform our action according to our pay grade under the capacity of hire. We fully understand the distinction between stunt performance and combat performance and hold stunt performers in the highest regard.


Latest Showreel


– Hand to Hand
– Modern Firearms
– Historical Firearms
– Martial Arts
– Wrestling
– Numerous Swords styles
– Archery
Plus, all members each have miscellaneous skills for more challenging situations beyond SA requirements.


Our highly trained professionals have years of experience working on set and are proud to have worked on some of the UK’s biggest productions. 

“Always professional, always do a great job!”

I can highly recommend the Britanico Screen Action team. Always professional, always do a great job!

Britanico Screen Action
I can highly recommend the Britanico Screen Action team. Always professional, always do a great job!
Britanico Screen Action

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